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When trying to get pregnant, things can become a little frustrating. How do you know that your eggs are healthy or that your partner has healthy sperm? You aren’t alone. Virtually every woman who is trying to conceive will have questions at some point, especially if it seems to not be happening or if they experience miscarriages. If you have been trying and have failed to conceive, you can call on us for your fertility care Singapore. We will do our part to help you get what you need.
What to Expect
When you visit our offices for the first time, there are several things you can expect to happen. We will run labs, perform tests, and analyze your body to see if there are potential issues that could be preventing natural conception. We will also look at your partner to ensure that they are healthy in the ways that matter most.

We may not be able to tell you a lot about your situation on the first visit, but when all the test results are in, we will have answers and perhaps a few options for you to consider. Some may include hormones to make you stronger, but there are times when you may need a little extra help.
How We Tackle Fertility Issues
When it comes to fertility, nothing is simple for some couples. There are many things that may cause infertility. You could have fibroids, immature eggs, endometriosis, or a partner that has immature sperm.

No matter what the cause of your problems, there is usually a solution. It depends on what you are willing to do to have the baby that you have always dreamed of.

For some of the tougher issues, such as endometriosis or reproductive defects, a surgery may be needed. In general, this is usually done through laparoscopic surgery.  In some situations, where sperm count is low or there is something else going on, IVF may be the most successful at helping you conceive.

No matter which one you need, we are here for you.
Schedule Your Appointment Today
We have a team of specialists here to help you battle infertility. You can depend on our fertility care Singapore because we do all that we can to turn happy couples into happy parents. Therefore, when you are ready for help or want to gain an understanding of your fertility needs, know that we are here. You simply have to give us a call.

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